Saturday, June 13, 2009

History magazine reveals America's true history

Fast-growing Leben unveils nearly lost Christian stories

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Decades of secularization in the United States have cost the nation the common knowledge of the influences and impact of Christianity across the years, but one magazine is waging a campaign to restore that information to the country.

For example, a well-debated topic is whether the Founding Fathers were Christians?

Revisionists who have been rewriting America's history schoolbooks say certainly not. But neither were they all committed believers. According to the powerful and eloquent presentation in a quarterly magazine of Christian history and biography called Leben, the truth is that there was a battle raging for the hearts and minds of the newborn Republic in 1776 that continues today.

For a limited time, you can sample a six-month subscription to Leben absolutely free.

Each issue is a virtual collector's item, lavishly illustrated, intelligently written and bringing to its readers stories of courage and faithfulness you simply won't find anywhere else.

"The stories already exist," Leben Editor Wayne Johnson told WND. "This is our actual history. It's just a matter of poring through centuries-old books and records and piecing the narratives together."

He says many of the stories have been lost because of a society that insists on secularizing its history.

"Some of them have been systematically buried for generations," he said. "In other cases, we simply have better tools today to uncover and piece together facts using modern technology and the Internet. For example, we routinely correspond with small museums and libraries in Europe, and around the world for that matter, who share our passion for uncovering these unique and often quite amazing facts, stories, old woodcuts, paintings, etc. all of which we tie together to bring our readers a 'you are there' experience."

Leben is what Johnson calls a "labor of love" of the students, faculty and friends of City Seminary in Sacramento, California.

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