Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Health Care Questions Obama Can’t Answer

By Herman Cain

During President Obama’s primetime press conference last Wednesday, he made the usual promises about Obamacare, which have no resemblance to what Congress is working on. The president continues to promise more choices, better health care, fewer costs and less government intervention. The “Health Care De-form” legislation working its way through Congress is just the opposite.

Rather than the lapdog mainstream media doing its job and challenging the president on his assumptions and assertions, they play “run and fetch” with whatever the president says. Since they didn’t do their jobs, here are a few real questions for starters.

Mr. President, since government mandates have never produced the desired results in the history of this country, why do you believe they will work this time?

When the government mandated a salary and wage freeze during World War II, businesses still had to compete for the best people in the workforce. As a result, businesses started offering health insurance benefits as an employment incentive and the practice has intensified over time. So much so, many politicians now proclaim that health care is a “right”.

Mr. President, is food a similar “right”? (No response)

Mr. President, since persistent problems have been reported about Medicare, Medicaid and veterans’ health care, why do you believe that this time the government bureaucracy will perform much better than ever before?

I can’t imagine that he really believes that, but he has to keep saying it because that’s what the “sheeple” want to hear, and it provides cover for what the Democrats in Congress are working on to get us on the road to health care rationing.

Mr. President, if the real objective is to provide health insurance for the “uninsured” in this country, then why not allow people the opportunity to pay a small fee to participate in Medicare? In fact, why not offer free Medicare to those that are really, really poor?

According to my calculations the costs would be only a fraction of $1.5 trillion if you use the real number of 8 million chronically uninsured people instead of the misleading 46 million. Alternatively, why not provide a “health insurance voucher” for those who are chronically uninsured?

Mr. President, have you considered changing the law to allow association health plans, along with allowing health insurance premiums to be tax deductible regardless of who paid for them?

History has shown that free market forces are better than government mandates to curb the rapid rise in costs.

At that point, President Obama would pull a “Clinton”. In 1994, when I asked President Bill Clinton a question during a televised town hall meeting he did not want to answer, he said, “Send me your information and I will get back to you, next question.”

I’m still waiting.

Mr. President, since no country with government-controlled health care has been able to avoid health care rationing to control costs, what evidence do you have that suggests we will be able to do what no other country has been able to do?

Oops! The president’s staff might call security on that one.

If the last question of the night about a “racial” incident in Boston involving a friend of the president was not a plant, then it was a brilliant accidental distraction to throw to the media. “Run and fetch” worked again, because that was the main story by many news outlets the next day.

Here’s my last question: Mr. President, do you really know what’s in the “Health Care De-form” legislation?

Sorry, we are out of time.

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