Thursday, July 2, 2009

The latest on eBay's Obama 'Kenyan birth certificate'

WND Exclusive


Now it's an autographed photograph for sale

By Bob Unruh
© 2009 WorldNetDaily

The eBay auction seller who has tried multiple times to sell an allegedly genuine copy of Barack Obama's "Kenyan birth certificate" now is offering for sale a photograph of individuals who reportedly contributed to the strategy through which the still-unproven document was obtained.

And the seller, identified as "colmado_naranja," who claims to have obtained the document while traveling Africa, suggested more information will be revealed on a planned YouTube video.

"My user name is InspectorSmith. I've had the account for some time. I have never uploaded anything. ... So this will be the first time that I've ever uploaded anything. So you'll get your document yet, up close and personal," the seller wrote on the latest eBay posting.

The seller explained previously that Kenyans had boasted Barack Obama II was born in the Coast Provincial Hospital in Mombasa at 7:24 p.m. on Aug. 4, 1961, which correlates to speculation that has existed over the president's birthplace since prior to his election.

The seller made four attempts to auction the "evidence," which would presumably render Obama ineligible to serve as president for violating the "natural born citizen" clause. The eBay website has a policy forbidding the sale of certain government

documents, which presumably led to the auction page being removed.

Screenshot of the seller's fifth attempt, with bids approaching $1,000,000, shortly before it was remove

In the fifth attempt at auctioning "the truth about Obama," the seller didn't mention the birth certificate, offering instead a "dissertation" on Obama's birthplace, and the auction page still disappeared.

Ultimately, eBay sent e-mails to members who had exchanged information with the seller, warning them the contact from the seller may be an attempt at fraud.

Now the seller has posted an offer of an autographed photograph of a couple of the people who purportedly helped obtain the document. There were several dozen bids, bringing the price to $365 today.

"I want to make clear that this whole endeavor to obtain information on O's birth was a three man job (more accurately 2 men and 1 lady). Andylenny. Smith. Dawnella Wilson. Smith and Andylenny are (due) the credit for actually getting their hands on the proof. Dawnella Wilson is due credit for financing the whole undertaking. The photo in this listing is up for auction. On the left is Smith and on the right is Andylenny. This photo will be signed by Smith, as Smith. This will be the only autographed photo put up for auction. One auction, one winning bidder, one photo. No more," the seller wrote.

The latest auction is active as of this afternoon on eBay.

The seller offered thanks to the eBay community, those who wrote in about the issue, attorneys and paralegals who made contacts and "all military personnel that have written to me with their support, opinions and offers as hired guns."

"There won't be anymore eBay auctions for documents, stories or dissertations," the seller wrote.

"After the YouTube video I will be heading over to WorldNetDaily to talk with Joseph Farah. I will disclose everything to them," the seller continued. Contact between the seller and WND has so far been limited to an exchange of e-mails.

And no such YouTube video could be found today.

The seller also addressed doubts held by Jerome Corsi, a senior WND staff writer who traveled to Kenya and Hawaii to investigate Obama's birth circumstances.

"I have great respect for you. You're not just a talker but, a doer as well. While many have talked of O's birth, you actually went abroad to get something tangible. Congrats. However, just because you couldn't pull it off doesn't mean that I wasn't able to."

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