Friday, July 31, 2009

What should be done about health care?


Here's your chance to propose an alternative to Barack Obama's plan

Vowing to overhaul the health care system, President Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress are proposing a government-run plan to compete with private insurance estimated to cost at least $1 trillion.

Many Americans fear this will lead to nationalized health care but acknowledge something needs to be done to "fix the system."

Now, a WND forum introduced today gives you a chance to weigh in.

What ideas do you have for Congress? You can spell them out now at "Fixing Health Care."

Earlier this year, WND introduced the "Laughlines" forum, where readers can share the best jokes, viral e-mail hoots and amusing comments.

Check out "Fixing Health Care" and "Laughlines," along with other WND forums including:

* "The World's Greatest Books," which asks you to nominate the most important non-fiction books of all time – aside from the Bible – from ancient times to the present.

* Is Barack Obama eligible to be president under the U.S. Constitution?

* WND's daily polls on the hottest topic in the news.

* OPERATION SPIKE: A listing of nominations for "the most under-reported stories of the year."

* The plan by Congress to ban incandescent lights, a move described as "one of the most blatantly unconstitutional and amazingly stupid congressional acts."

* The great debate over global warming, and the plans for emissions taxes and penalties for producing energy.

* Your only direct access to ask a question of the president.

* The famous Chuck Norris Laughlines, featuring the greatest punch lines about the famous martial arts champion, longtime actor and WND columnist.

* Your opportunity to be a WND news editor, where you can post hot, breaking stories.

* WND's BlogNetDaily.

* WND's assignment desk.

* And a forum for your best poll ideas.

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