Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Word about Michael Jackson

by Steve Shultz/op-ed

...circumstances make me wonder if God grabbed him one day, as he did for me.

We know that, through the examples of Nicodemus, who came to Jesus at night in secret and the thief on the cross that God saves both at the last minute and based on the heart, not based on works.

MJThere were many Christians in attendance at the Michael Jackson funeral on Tuesday, and "Soon and Very Soon (we are going to see the King)," was sung, along with other Gospel songs. (Photo: Reuters)

We personally know of two Believers who were summoned by Michael in some time period to talk and pray with Michael Jackson. You don't get to see Michael Jackson unless he calls for you, that I am certain of.

I can't tell you if he was saved or not. God knows. But frankly, it would be silly not to mention such a monumental event [as his memorial], or to conclude he wasn't saved.

But for the grace of God, I could have been lost but God reached down and grabbed hold of me around 1981. Until then, I judged most Christians as lost, even though I claimed certain truth, yet judged others who really were saved. A chain-smoking woman made me a Jesus Believer, and I was still a mess. Who isn't still a mess?

Circumstances make me wonder if God grabbed Michael Jackson one day, as he did for me. (Although he would have had to choose of course, at the last second, just as the thief on the cross)

Please be in prayer for the Jackson family who is certainly hurting in the wake of the loss of a son, a brother, and a father.

Steve Shultz
Founding Editor, Breaking Christian News

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