Thursday, August 6, 2009

Center For Health Transformation

Healthcare Fix Must Encompass Litigation Reform

As the president and Congress debate how to fix what’s broken in America’s healthcare system, it is critical that civil justice reform be included in the discussion.

The U.S. civil justice system is the most expensive in the world, about double the average cost of virtually any other industrialized nation. But for all of the money spent, our civil justice system neither effectively compensates injured parties (less than 15 cents of every tort-cost dollar goes to those injured from medical negligence) nor encourages the elimination of medical errors.

Watch Jeffrey Segal, M.D., J.D.(CEO and Founder of Medical Justice Services, Inc.) discuss this issue on Lou Dobbs at 7:30 pm Eastern August 6 on CNN

Read HR 3372, the Health Care OverUse Reform Act (HealthCOURT Act)

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