Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rush Limbaugh: America has become 'Obamaville'

By Joe Kovacs
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At the height of the Great Depression in the 1930s, many Americans fighting for survival ended up living in crudely built shantytowns known as "Hoovervilles," in humiliating honor of President Herbert Hoover, who many blamed for the economic distress.

Sacramento, Calif., was home to one of America's "Hoovervilles" in the mid 1930s during the Great Depression

Now in 2010, radio giant Rush Limbaugh is declaring the United States has become one giant "Obamaville," thanks directly to the policies of President Barack Obama.

"The whole country is Obamaville," Limbaugh said on his program today. "Obama is Herbert Hoover. You know they used to call those unemployment camps Hoovervilles. Well, now we're going to see Obamavilles springing up all across the nation."

"Hoover was trying to fix things. Obama's not. The only difference is Obama is doing this on purpose. Hoover wasn't."

Limbaugh took direct aim at the president's comments yesterday when Obama insisted, "The economy is strengthening, we are into recovery."

"It's the summer of recovery. How's that working out for you?" Limbaugh asked facetiously. "Thirteen thousand, 13,000 private-sector jobs added in June. If you divide 13,000 by 50, just for illustration purposes, you get 260 jobs created in the private sector per state. Two hundred sixty jobs per state. This is Herbert Hoover-type stuff."

Obama made his statement shortly after new figures indicated consumer confidence tumbled in June, sending stock markets worldwide plummeting.

"We have gone from losing 750,000 jobs per month to five months of job growth now – private-sector job growth that is obviously so important to consumer confidence and the well-being of the economy overall," Obama said.

"According to Obama, this is progress, because we're not losing 700,000 jobs a month," Limbaugh noted. "Now, consider how stupid that is. We were never going to lose 700,000 jobs per month for years and years, because we don't have enough people working age to lose 700,000 jobs every month for years and years."

The conservative host reminded listeners about "massive tax increases hitting next January."

"People are still not sure how much it's going to cost them, particularly businesses. That's why there's no hiring," Limbaugh explained. "I took heat, and in some sectors, ladies and gentlemen, I'm still taking heat for saying I wanted Obama to fail. But I wanted him to fail because I want the nation to succeed. We now see that Obama succeeding does not equal the nation succeeding, and that is a major, major thing for people to have to come to grips with."

As the U.S. heads toward a weekend celebrating its 234th anniversary since its official founding in 1776, Limbaugh lamented the political party currently in charge was "happily, apparently" presiding over the nation's decline, "which in fact may be one of the purposes."

"The 'can't dos' from our elected and appointed officials, both at the federal and state level, are piling up," he said. "Consider the following:

"'I can't suck the oil up with a straw,' said President Obama when asked what he was doing about the BP spill that began April 20. Nor could he approve the building of sand berms, or the suspension of the Jones Act, which would have let foreign skimmers into U.S. waters to help with the oil cleanup.

"'You're never going to totally seal that border,' said Janet Napolitano, making excuses for why Homeland Security has essentially ceded entire parts of Arizona to violent Mexican smuggling rings while still seeking 'comprehensive immigration reform,'" and suing the state of Arizona and joining boycotts, the federal government. That's really confidence inspiring.

"'I think the world understands now that growth in the future around the world cannot depend as much on the United States as it did in the past,'
opined Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner in a defeatist interview with the BBC before the G-20 summit.

"'There's no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession'
was how Vice President Joe Biden put it at a fundraiser for Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold. But wasn't that the reason for the $862 billion stimulus package, the $700 billion in bailouts and the takeover of the auto industry and Wall Street? Wasn't it to get back the eight million jobs that were lost?

"And now this inspiring regime says, 'Ah, sorry, can't happen, can't close the border, not gonna lead the world, not sure we want to win in Afghanistan, screw the oil leak, and not going to get those 8 million jobs back.'"

Limbaugh concluded, "This is the can't-do administration. This is the won't-do administration. This is unparalleled. Never in my lifetime has there been an administration that is so filled daily with depression, negativism, can't-doism. There is nothing that is reflective of American exceptionalism, of the great American spirit represented anywhere in this regime. It's all malaise."

As WND reported in December, residents of Colorado Springs, Colo., saw a sign reading "Welcome to Obamaville" on the site of a homeless tent camp in the city.

The sign, which was visible from the Cimarron Street ramp to Interstate 25, clearly conveyed a political jab at rising unemployment under Obama, as it read in full, "Welcome to Obamaville – Colorado's fastest growing community."

Public reaction on a local TV station's website was mixed over the sign's message:

"Lay the blame where you will, I think it is a hoot and a great historical throwback to Hooverville," wrote a reader named daman in an online comment. "These are the worst times I've seen in my 40-plus years, and I am glad my kids get to see it early. Maybe they'll learn to grow and be compassionate, yet personally fiscal conservatives."

A poster named Nick, however, was critical: "That is pretty low to use a right-wing political agenda and attack the homeless during the worst recession in a generation and especially during the holiday.


Joe Kovacs is executive news editor for and author of the No. 1 best-seller that champions the truth of Scripture and reveals your spectacular, ultimate destiny that's far more glorious than just floating on clouds: "Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You've Never Been Told."

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