Monday, October 25, 2010

The Left Hates Free Speech - Juan at a Time

by Ted Nugent

National Public Radio's firing of commentator Juan Williams is yet another example of how political correctness has poisoned free speech.

Mr. Williams didn't say anything that the vast majority of Americans wouldn't say or agree with regarding genuine and well-founded concerns about Muslims on airplanes. Who doesn't know that Muslim voodoo loons have used or tried to use jets as a means to carry out mass murder and mayhem? It's the truth, comfortable or not.

Juan Williams, a clear and present left-leaning guy, has now been exposed to the progressive's anti-free speech grinder machine. Instead of rallying to his to defense as many on the Right and some on the Left have, I have a question for Mr. Williams: How do you like the Left now?

The liberal Left is a pack of vicious liars on a number of issues. While liberals claim to support free speech, it is the liberal Left who works overtime to shut down speech that is not in concert with their Socialist view of the world. Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels would be proud of leftist goon squads, as they have taken their vicious ploy straight out of his goose-stepping propaganda playbook.
Cartoon courtesy of Brett Noel

It is leftist goons who attempt to shout down conservative speakers, throw pies at conservative speakers and lobby colleges to not invite conservatives. Fuzzy-headed leftist ideologues try to convince Americans that conservatives are evil bigots, racists, homophobes, etc., who want to force grandma to eat dog food. All blatant lies, of course. Our singular goal is to crush Fedzilla which is fed and nurtured by leftists.

Playing politically correct games and lying are foundational platforms of the Left. That's because when the Left's programs and policies are exposed to the blinding light of objectivity and truth, Americans overwhelmingly reject them. Overt lying is the Left's only hope for achieving their goal of changing America into a Third World country.

NPR has long been a media manipulation tool of the Left and is funded in part by taxpayers. It is time taxpayers demand that their hard-earned tax dollars be cut out of the budget of NPR. I vote we give NPR's taxpayer dollars to the military to use to hunt down and exterminate more Muslim extremists.

Let NPR compete in the market place like other private-sector businesses. Maybe NPR will be able to fly a bit longer than the defunct left-wing radio Air America—or maybe not.

Gutting taxpayer dollars out of the budget of NPR should be one of the first things the GOP should do when they assume power in a matter of days. The GOP's action on this—or lack of action—will tell us much if they have learned anything from the growing anger on Main Street USA. Do your job, GOP, or Americans will vote you out in 2012.

Reasonable Americans know that political correctness is a euphemism for brain dead. It is based on feelings, not intellect, which is why the Socialists endorse and champion it. The Socialists use political correctness as a means to try and manipulate people into believing what their brains tell them is balderdash and bull dung. Celebrate and revere intellect. Reject insanity.

Never under any circumstances accept political correctness. Free speech is the heart and soul of our republic. To compromise free speech for soulless, baseless and erroneous feelings is anti-American and spits in the face of those who have sacrificed so much for us to be free.

Americans need to be more demonstrative and shoot back with the truth. We need to shine a spotlight of truth on the lies of the Left and political correctness at every opportunity. Be brave, bold and unapologetic, America.

Let's make crushing political correctness a national security priority. After what he has experienced, maybe Mr. Williams will help lead the charge. You up for the task or does the cat of political correctness got your tongue, Mr. Williams?

Rock legend Ted Nugent is noted for his conservative political views and his vocal pro-hunting and Second Amendment activism. His smash bestseller Ted, White & Blue: The Nugent Manifesto, is now available at Nugent also maintains the Official Ted Nugent Site at

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