Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security

by Michael Savage
How President Obama is destroying America from within -- and what we must do to stop him

Michael Savage is not one to mince words -- that's what's made him one of the most popular talk-radio hosts in America, and a four-time New York Times bestselling author to boot. Now, in his latest blockbuster, Trickle Up Poverty: Stopping Obama's Attack on Our Borders, Economy, and Security, Savage . . .well, savages President Barack Obama for everything he's doing to destroy our country from within. But unlike other books on Obama, Savage shows you specifically and in detail the numerous ways that Obama's policies affect you, your family, and the nation. Moreover, he goes beyond pointing out the problems Obama has created to offer a solid set of solutions.

"Barack Hussein Obama is tearing down everything that was built before this man was even born," writes Savage in his Preface. "Mark my words: History will show that Obama the Destroyer-in-Chief is impoverishing the middle class with taxation, regulation, and a desecration of our cherished freedoms. Moreover, as I will demonstrate in this book, Barack Obama is a naked Marxist-Leninist whose sole ambition in life is to transform America into the USSA: The United Socialist States of America."

For Savage, poverty is more than just an economic issue. As he sees it, Obama is destroying the country by creating a poverty of the body, mind, and spirit that impoverishes how we think, feel, and view ourselves as a people, while robbing our personal freedoms and bankrupting our clout as the leader of the world. Trickle Up Poverty shows how Obama is circumventing the Constitution to push through his radical agenda -- and, most important, how we can restore our country to the power and prestige that Barack Obama and his corrupt and degenerate "czars" are trying to destroy.

In Trickle Up Poverty
, Michael Savage reveals:

* Impoverishing the Middle Class: How Obama's confiscatory taxes, the socializing of our health-care system, and other legislative initiatives are taking away our earnings and our power to choose how we live our lives and putting it in the hands of corrupt and pro-Socialist cohorts

* Erasing Our Border with Mexico: How the Homeland Security department that can't shoot straight is gutting the Constitution in the name of protecting illegal aliens when it should be focusing on keeping out the terrorists and drug dealers

* Defunding the Military and Putting Our Troops in Harm's Way: How Obama's beatnik policy of taking apart our nuclear arsenal and destroying NASA, while implementing PC Rules of Engagement that don't allow our troops to protect themselves, is dangerously weakening our security and ending our military dominance

* Lining the Pockets of His Wall Street Buddies: How, while our 401(k)'s suffer, Obama and his Wall Street heavy contributors are creating their own legislation that is driving down stock prices while allowing his biggest campaign contributors to make trillions of dollars

* Propagandizing the Media:
How Obama's administration has systematically overrun the media, once a forum for free speech, in a hostile takeover with threats and false promises that serve only to pull the wool over the sheeple's eyes

* Ignoring the Tea Party—the Voice of the People: How Obama is blatantly disregarding, and even suppressing, the fastest-growing collective voice in the nation right now -- while his Union-Crony Purple Shirts have shown up at town-hall meetings and peaceful protests to intimidate and antagonize the democratic process

* Obama the Pan-Leninist: How Obama dreams of becoming the leader not of the free world, but the regulated world, in which everything from speech to health care to energy is controlled by a world government which he leads

And make no mistake, warns Savage: Unlike previous presidents who consulted with Congress seeking its cooperation to implement new initiatives, Obama operates as if his wishes are the law of the land. "As you'll see in this book, Barack Obama uses any means necessary -- including circumventing the Constitution -- to get his way. Why? He's living in a dream world acting as if his wishes are the sole determinant for the future of America."

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