Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Glenn Beck warns: 'The perfect storm' is beginning


'These are not enemies of man. These are enemies of God'

By Joe Kovacs
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Media giant Glenn Beck is warning that a "perfect storm" of problems in America and the world has begun, and he's urging people to turn to God to deal with it.

"These problems, as you are beginning to see," Beck said on his radio program this morning, "we are experiencing now the perfect storm, the beginnings of the perfect storm that I outlined to you years ago and now you can see how when I was talking about it and everybody was saying 'Shut up! Who cares? It's not going to happen.'

"You're beginning to see it now and you can know why I was crying all the time. Because I saw this in advance. It doesn't take a genius to do it. You can see it if you would just open your mind."

Islamic Antichrist'? Why Glenn Beck raves about it

Beck, who often invokes God in his commentary, continued, "It is an overwhelming force and it is global in nature and it is evil in nature. You must be as good and as light as the evil is evil, bad and dark. These are not enemies of man. These are enemies of God, and He will sort things out. You must stand in righteousness."

"Here is the most dangerous thing I could say on the radio or on television," Beck said. "God is the only answer. There is no hope, there is no victory without a people that understand light, goodness and God."

Beck then issued a call for listeners to take a stand against any kind of evil in their personal lives.

"If you don't say something now, it's only going to get harder and harder and harder," he said. "You think it's gonna get easier to talk to your friends about God? You think it's gonna be easier to talk to your spouse about, 'Hey, let's clean up our lives'? You think it's gonna get easier to talk to your kids and tell them, 'Hey, knock it off' or 'You don't need all of that stuff?' It's not going to get easier. It's going to get harder because the world is going down in the other direction. You gotta stop now. You've got to turn your life around now."

Beck played audio at times from Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan, and made reference to an end-times Muslim leader known as "the Mahdi."

"This [the uprising in the Middle East] is a sign that the great Mahdi that the Muslim world has been looking for is present in the world," Farrakhan noted.

Beck remarked, ""If you look at the Mahdi / the 12th Imam, he really is the biblical antichrist."

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