Monday, March 21, 2011

The Obamacare Legacy of Centralization and Bureaucracy

by Kevin Glass

The monstrous Obamacare health law was passed by the House of Representatives on March 21, 2010 and signed into law by President Obama nine days later. Nancy Pelosi said that Congress had to pass the law to find out what was in it. Despite a lengthy debate, new details trickle out seemingly daily about the destructive impact of the law. One year later, a group of conservative health policy wonks have banded together to release a book that comes as close as possible to being the authoritative tome on the full impact of Obamacare.

Grace-Marie Turner, James Capretta, Thomas Miller and Robert Moffitt are co-authors of the new book Why Obamacare is Wrong For America. Turner, President of the Galen Institute (a health policy think tank) and frequent Townhall contributor, made time to talk with Townhall about her new book, Obamacare's continuing repercussions and what Americans can do to make sure their voices are heard.

Townhall: The title is blunt.

Grace-Marie Turner: It is, I know, there's not any question about where we stand on this.

TH: The book was written by you, James Capretta, Thomas Miller and Robert Moffitt, four of the biggest names in health care policy on the Right. How did this project come together?

Turner: You know, it was really clear to us that there needed to be one book that pulled together the key parts of Obamacare, and that we needed a book that really explained the impact of this awful new law. So rather than descriptions of the bill, which is important, we decided that we needed to do a book about the impact on young adults, on seniors, on patients and doctors, employers and employees, taxpayers and citizens whose constitutional rights are in jeopardy because of this legislation. So we offered this to several publishers, and Adam Bell, who's now our editor at HarperCollins, said "I believe we need this book." We produced it in unbelievable record time. We started it at Thanksgiving, and the manuscript was due at the end of December, so it's very, very current. We've continued to update it through January. Everything is in one place for what people need to know about this legislation and its impact on Americans.

TH: The book is perhaps the most comprehensive overview of what's in Obamacare. What would you say is the biggest impact of Obamacare that's still largely unknown by the public?

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